Uzbekistan is the cradle of eastern civilizations

  • routes: Tashkent Khiva Bukhara Shahrisabz Samarkand Fergana Margilan Kokand
  • duration: 15 Days


Day 1. Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport, moving and settling down to a hotel. Dinner. Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 2. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for the morning flight HY to the city of Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, transfer to Khiva (35 km). Settling down to a hotel. Tours in Khiva: Ichan Kala-architectural complex (12-19th century). The residence of the last Khan including the mausoleum of Ismail Khoja, the Muhammad Amin Khan madrasah, Ark (16-17v) Kunya-Ark fortress, Kalta Minor, Tash Khovli palace, Pakhlavan Makhmud mausoleum (14-18v), Friday Mosque. Dinner. Overnight in Khiva.

Day 3. Breakfast. Transfer to Bukhara through the Kizil-Kum desert along the Caravan road (480km-6-7h). On the way, stop for lunch. Arrival in Bukhara,settling down to a hotel. Free time. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4. After breakfast, a tour of Bukhara: the Great Fortress of the Arch of Bukhara rulers, Bolo House Mosque (1712) with a swimming pool, Samanid Mausoleum (IX-X centuries), the Chashmai Ayub mausoleum, the Kali minaret: the Kalon minaret, the Kalon mosque, Miri Arab Madrasah, 3rd Trading House, Ulugbek Madrasah, 2nd Trading House, Magoki Attori Mosque, 1st Trading House (16th century) Lyabi-House complex (14-17th century), Hanaka Nodir Divan Begi. Dinner. Overnight at a hotel in Bukhara.

Day 5. Breakfast. Next destination of the city tour: a walk along the old streets, Chor Minor (18th century), a trip outside the city: the summer residence of Emir-Sitorai Mohi Khosa (19th century), Chor Bakr necropolis (10th century), Bahouddin Naqshbandi mausoleum (16-19th century). Dinner. Overnight at the hotel in Bukhara.

Day 6. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Nurata (230 km, 4 hours on the way). Dinner. Tour of Nurata (2 hours): the remains of the fortress wall of the era of Alexander the Great, a water mill (XIX century), a holy spring and a medieval mosque in Nurata. Camel riding with guides. Dinner. Overnight in yurts.

Day 7. Breakfast. Transfer to Shakhrisabz (250km-4.5h). Hotel accommodation. City tour: the ruins of the palace of Ak-Saray (14-15th century), the complex of Hazrat Imam: the Gumbazi Saidon mausoleum, the Kok Gumbaz mosque, the mausoleum of Dzhankhangir. Dinner. Overnight in Shakhrisabz.

Day 8. Breakfast. Transfer to Samarkand (170 km, 3 hours). Settling down to a hotel. Dinner. City tour, Registan Square (XV-XVII centuries) with three madrassas: Ulugbek, Tilla-Kari, Sher-Dor. Dinner.

Day 9. City tour: Ulugbek Observatory (XV century), the museum and the ancient settlement Afrasiab, the grave of St. Daniyar, the ensemble of the mausoleums of Shahi Zinda (XI-XV centuries). Dinner. Next destinations of the excursion: Gur Emir Mausoleum (XIV century), Ruhabad ensemble (XIV-XIX centuries), Khoja Ahrar complex(XVII century). Dinner.

Day 10. Breakfast at the hotel. City tour: Hazret Khizir mosque (XVII century), Bibi-Khanum mosque (XIV-XV century), eastern bazaar. Visit to the Khovrenko winery - tasting Uzbek wines. Dinner. A visit to the famous Samarkand carpet workshop, where the girls manually weave silk carpets. You will have the opportunity to see the entire production process from beginning to end, as well as buy unique carpet products. Free time. Dinner.

Day 11. Breakfast. Transfer to Tashkent. Settling down to a hotel. City tour: Independence Square, Navoi Theater Square, Barak-Khan Madrasah, Kashall Shashi Mausoleum, Kukeldash Madrasah, Friday Mosque. Dinner, overnight in Tashkent.

Day 12. Breakfast. Transfer to Ferghana Valley (380 km, 6 h). Accommodation at the hotel. Tour of the Ferghana Valley: a visit to the pottery workshop of Rishtan, Margilan. Rishtan ceramics has a rich decor, which is dominated by blue. This unique blue glaze is made manually from natural mineral pigments and ash from mountain plants. Return to Ferghana. Dinner.

Day 13. Breakfast. A trip to Kokand (100 km 1.5 h), city tour: 19th-century palace of Khudayar Khan, Jami Mosque, Modari Khan Mausoleum - a tomb for all women of the Khan’s family. Dinner. Return to Ferghana. Overnight in Ferghana.

Day 14. Breakfast. Transfer to Tashkent. Free time in Tashkent. Dinner. Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 15. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for the next flight (in accordance with the schedule).